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Testimonials provided by clients with permission.

"AH-MAZ-ING! I have had two prenatal massages (one from each massage therapist) and I plan to go back for one more before my induction date! Friendly, relaxing, comfortable atmosphere and great staff! They listen to your needs and take care of all of your aches and pains! And the tables. Would recommend this place to anyone and everyone!" - Samantha

"Had the best massage of my life from JP today. 36 weeks and the belly table is a game changer for prenatal massage! Thank you so much for taking care of this mama!" - Becca

"Incomparable massages in a relaxed atmosphere. Honestly the best in town." - Andrea

"This place is the best! I love that they tailor to expecting mothers. They are so awesome at what they do. I always appreciate getting a prenatal massage here. Thank you!" - Alyssa

"I can’t say enough about how amazing my massage with JP was! He took the time to listen to what I needed and did exactly that! Wonderful atmosphere and extremely relaxing." - Elizabeth

"I have been to Maggie three times now, once when I was 38 weeks pregnant and twice postpartum. I have a hard time not booking a massage with her every week! She has helped me overcome a lot of aches and pains from this pregnancy, I’m SO glad I found her. She encourages new mamas to bring their babies, my 10 day old son got to lay on my chest as she finished my massage. Wonderful place even for 'others'." - Raena

"Walked in to Maggie’s at 35 weeks pregnant with all the aches and pains, walked out still 35 weeks pregnant but pondering whether it was socially acceptable to curl up and nap in my car because I was so relaxed. Maggie did AMAZING! It was so nice to be able to lay on my stomach with the prego table, my sciatica and gestational carpal tunnel felt so much better afterwards, and my lil man was kicking away the whole time in what I can only assume was pure happiness. 5 stars plus some! Excited for my next appt in 2 weeks!" - JoDee

"Truly one of the best massages I've ever received! Beautiful space, incredible technique, and a palpable passion for her craft. I hope to see Maggie again next time (every time!) I visit Des Moines." - Chelsea


"The BEST HANDS IN DES MOINES! Maggie is the best, and I always feel amazing after my massage." - Erin


"Maggie is awesome! I was just there Saturday and it was easily one of the best massages I've had. She takes her time and is always making sure you are okay with pressure and temperatures." - Laura


"A peaceful and calming presence, Maggie did a wonderful job on my poor shoulders. Thank you so much!" - Kara


"Maggie is the best! I have been a client for over ten years. I have had other therapists and Maggie is the best." - Annette


"Maggie is absolutely fabulous at what she does and is a beautiful spirit!" - Loral


"Maggie is the best massage therapist we have been to. Highly recommend her!" - Anna


“If you have not had a massage by Maggie, you have not lived. Seriously.” - Sabbath


“Maggie is awesome at pregnancy massage! I recommend her to everyone! I wish I was pregnant again just so I could get a pregnancy massage from her. When you're pregnant, carrying all of that extra weight, and so tired, massages feel 10 times better." - Caitlin


“Maggie is freaking AWESOME!!! She fixed the hip pain I was having, and was just a nice calm presence during the massage. The belly rubs that she does near the end of the changing.  ​My abs were so sore and so stretched by the time I came to see her. She worked some kind of voodoo magic on them. I felt beyond fabulous when I left.” - Shawna


“I just had a prenatal massage with the golden hands of Maggie and will be going back ASAP!” - Natalie


“I haven't slept so well in months! I wish I could get in more frequently or move next door to her!” - Stacy

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